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013 Brommage Dub Retuned 2010

  • title: Brommage Dub Retuned 2010
  • artist: Jesper Dahlbäck
  • remixer: Paul Brtschitsch / Rhauder
  • format: vinyl and digital
  • Rootvd005
  • relesase date: december 2010

Following the 2010 remake of “Clamber”, we´re proud to welcome Jesper Dahlbäck on board with his late 90's founded Brommage Dub project. The first track is all about producing electronic music without the help of Ableton and modern audio sequencing programs, taking us back to the days of tweaking synthesizers and arranging those live on the mixing desk into a 2-track dat recorder - giving soul and depth to the music. The mail conversation betwween Paul and Jesper gives you more details on this topic.

The Vinyl is limited to 125 serial numbered copies including an exclusive track by Britschmalro feat. Malte.

Jesper wrote to Paul:

…there might be a dat master somewhere with the track but maybe you will not use anything from the original or sample the vinyl… :) i'm not 100% sure where this dat tape could be, it might be in the studio. /j

hey jesper,

i hope i´m still finding you on this old myspace medium ,-) hope you´re doing fine & well! so we´re about to release the “classic” now (sorry the closing of our old distributor was confusing the release shedule a bit) therefore me and a friend are about to re- programm the whole track to get proper remix parts out of it..and maybe you still got some helpful and important information concerning synthesizers which were used in that track? we found out so far: tr 909 (of course ;-) cr 78 (tamburins) microwave (the hook piano like chords) right? roland space echo electro harmonix tube zipper (for the feedback sounds in the end?) very important the bassline wich turns into a super fat synth sound…what was that? a juno 106 or somethin´? this is the only sound which is really tough to get… thanks for your help, i keep you updated with the remixes and the release!

all the best, paul


just quickly, this is what i remember from the studio….

- roland jx3p making the chords - roland space echo of course - i think we used a roland r8 for most of the drum sounds except: - a clap trap making… well, the claps… BUT i think it's also sampled into a casio sampler! that is why there is fragments of the claps playing as extra percussion - clap trap is doing the cr78 noisy percussion sound at recording time - roland system 100 korg ms20 for the background noises and i think the resonance filters of the ms20 is what's making the feedback sound at the end! - possibly it might be the trig from the tr707 controlling the clap trap - i think it's the juno 60 playing the bass line - most likely a tr707 making the ride cymbal - a dbx 163 was more or less compressing the whole drum secition - atari syncing everything ghetto mixing one live recording take down to DAT :) one thing about the track to be mentioned is that simon hartley, who was previously working with LFO, happened to be in the studio helping us out with the system 100 and the ms20 . so i think this time he deserves to be credited on the record! that's about it i think! good luck !

i'm very curious to hear your mix! /j


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