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012 from Berlin to Buenos Aires

  • title: From Berlin to Buenos Aires
  • artist: Joel Mull, Raeyk, Paul Brtschitsch, Staffan Linzatti, Mariano DC
  • format: cd and digital
  • Root012
  • relesase date: october 2010

Rootknox and Varianz - brought their artists together in order to create a fusion of sounds enjoyed in clubs in Buenos Aires and Berlin alike. Varianz the label of Raeyk was called into life 2009 and is standing for deep Techno.

Artists include Paul Brtschitsch, Mariano Dc, Joel Mull, Raeyk and Staffan Linzatti.

Spanish Review @ del jardin latino

For their shared goal, deejays and producers of the Buenos Aires based club Cocoliche spent the summer in Berlin. In the capital of electronic music they continued successfully the fruitful cooperations that started already last year with German artists in Argentina such as Paul Brtschitsch and Raeyk. The spark of inspiration that the producers gave to each other through their individual colourings from their different backgrounds is well represented on this unrivaled compilation!