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005 Touse

  • title: Touse
  • artist: Paul Brtschitsch, Mr. Rod
  • format: Digital
  • root005
  • release date: january 2009

pure a-grade house music! – 365MAG.COM

He’s back in full effect… Paul Brtschitsch’s name has grown synonymous to first class peak time tuneage and this shiny new EP (a foretaste of Paul’s 4th album, which is due for release soon on his own Rootknox imprint!) simply again proves why he’s on top of his league. First up is Touse, which combines the unique elements of Techno and House into an entrancing groove underlined by punchy kicks, sexy yet subtle synths and an intense, hedonistic vibe. Deep down and dirty house music for those who know…

Next up is Salsa 727, and boy, things WILL get sweaty when this one’s on… Paul and Level 6 resident combine forces and explore the very depths of electronic music, with the result being a mesmerizing techno/deep house hybrid that hypnotizes the mind and touches the soul… This is music that matters.