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003 the dentex

the dentex

  • title: the dentex
  • artist: paul brtschitsch
  • format: digital
  • root003
  • release date: april 2008

The Dentex moves his gleaming body elegantly through the depths of the ocean. But this predatory fish also shows his teeth…just like Paul’s 3rd release on his own label Rootknox! In a springlike ease one catchy melody alternates with the other. They come together as one and let go, they come together and … disappear like the Dentex in the deep blue… It’s the massive beat fundament showing his teeth, that lets the Dentex dance rhythmically in the depth of the sea.

Apollonia (Paul Brtschitsch Remix)

In the past the original title has been released by Bigeneric on the Interchill Compilation “Devil in the Detail“. Marco Repetto, a versatile producer, is the man behind the pseudonym of Bigeneric. He is also known for drumming the legendary song Eisbär by the band Grauzone in 1981. Once more Paul Brtschitsch demonstrates with his remix, how good he is in blending the colours and spirits of ambient music with the depths of club music. At the latest since his albums of concept like Surftronic and Venex, his talent of story telling on the basis of beats has become inseparable from Brtschitsch’s sound philosophy: Body meets mind music!