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  • Boss & Brcic EP Flash Recordings
  • Paul Brcic Lost Tape Vol.2
  • Paul Brcic Lost Tape Vol.1
  • Paul Brtschitsch _Money
  • Britschmalro- Vinyl de Table
  • Paul Brcic - Remixes- by Joel Mull, Paul Mac, Paul Brtschitsch - RootknoxVD008
  • Paul Brcic - Bejing Rock LP - RootknoxVD007
  • Brtschitsch/Mr.Rod Perfect World - Rootknox VD006
  • Brommage Dub Retuned 2010 - Rootknox VD005
  • Monoplaine - Varianz 012
  • Clamber EP feat Martin Woerner Remix - Rootknox VD004
  • Live EP feat. John Selway Remix - Rootknox VD003
  • Myself feat. Anja Schneider Remix - Rootknox VD002
  • Me feat. Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix - Rootknox VD001

remixes/co productions

  • Puresque Dark Temple EP 3
  • Puresque Dark Temple EP 2
  • Puresque Dark Temple EP 1
  • Triangle Eyes - Diez y Siete(Paul Brcic Remix) - Rootknox
  • Brian Johnson - Time Will Tell (Paul Brcic Remix) - Thoughtless Music
  • Puresque Vinyl Only - 002 A + B - Puresque Music
  • Nader – Flesh (Paul Brtschitsch Remix) – Neustadt Musik
  • Puresque - Leitmotiv LP - Tresor
  • Puresque - vorLeitmotiv - Tresor
  • Puresque - 001A - appeared on Marcel Fengler´s Mix CD Ostgut Ton
  • Anja Schneider Co Production - Pushin - Mobilee 072
  • Mariano DC - Black Domina (P. Brtschitsch Remix) .- Varianz 012
  • Peter Pixzel - Play it by heart (P.Brtschitsch Remix) - WYS
  • Jurek Przezdziecki - Hard to Spell (P.Brtschitsch Remix) - Boshke Beats
  • John Selway-The Ocean before Me (P.Brtschitsch Remix)- CSM
  • Samuel L. Session – Can You Relate (Anja Schneider Remix Co Production) – Soma
  • Rosenstolz – Blaue Flecken (A.Schneider Remix Co Production) - Universal Music


Not only is Paul Brtschitsch a producer, he is also a rare example of a live German Techno act who plays his shows exclusively with hardware. Inspired by his background at the legendary Omen club during Techno’s formative years in Germany as well as the classic sounds of Detroit, Brtschitsch has developed his own narrative style over the course of 20 years, accessing a rich sonic pool that is anything but limited to what is contemporary.

In 1996 Paul released his first record on the Tritone label that was directly discovered and played by Jeff Mills. Having worked with André Galluzzi at Neuton, Paul founded Taksi in the same year with André as his collaborating DJ. Their track “Schneesturm“ was picked up by Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 and was re-released with a remix from Hawtin in 2001.

Since 2000 Paul has focused on his own productions. He released the albums “Surftronic“, “Venex“ and “Memory“ under his own name on the Frisbee label that were met with critical acclaim.

In summer of 2006, Paul Brtschitsch moved to Berlin and dropped a release on Berghain’s renowned techno imprint Ostgut Ton. Paul’s “Twirl/Under“ became the second release featured on the freshly founded label. The following year, Paul decided to found his own label Rootknox with the philosophy of an interconnected tree that grows “together from the roots up to the treetop”. Since it’s founding, Rootknox has put out seven releases including Paul’s 5th solo album entitled Me, myself and Live.

In 2007, Paul co-produced Anja Schneider’s album debut “Beyond the Valley” that was released in 2008 on her own imprint Mobilee. The releases “Belize”, “Mole”, “Beyond the Valley” and several remixes for artists like Butane, Samuel Session and even the German pop band “Rosenstolz” were produced by Paul and Anja.

2010 saw further co-productions between Paul and Anja Schneider with the well-received Mobilee release of “Pushin”. The year also saw the release of the compilation “From Berlin to Buenos Aires”, a collaboration between the Berlin-based label Rootknox and the Argentinian club Cocoliche. An example of his expansion into new musical territory was his collaboration with Paul Schwingenschloegl on trumpet and Zam Johson on drums at Panorama Bar's celebration of 5 Years of Ostgut Ton.

In 2011 Paul Brtschitsch marks his 15th year of producing and releasing more than 50 vinyl releases and almost 10 full-length albums. In celebration of this milestone, he is preparing an upcoming anniversary compilation that looks back at his varied and diverse career up to this point, and also produced his sixth full-length album “Bejing Rock” released autumn 2012.

Together with Mocca he founded “Puresque” in 2011. Their first production “001A” was instantly licensed for Marcel Fengler´s Mix CD on Ostgut Ton, meanwhile the “12” came out on Tresor Records. Their Album Debut “Leitmotiv” was released in April 2012 on Tresor. Highly appreciated and charted by the ones like Carl Craig, Carl Cox… They made it 8 times to run their “Puresque im Keller” events inviting guests like The Black Dog, Skudge and Terrence Fixmer before they had to quit- not with Puresque…“Vision for a Bunker” will be the step into the future for this outstanding project.

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