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rootknox meets boshke beats // "diez y siete" out by today!

Rootknox welcomes Triangle Eyes! - Their target is to create an ultimate Techno live act based on 100% analogue modular synthesis.They Come to hypnotize you. Knowing each other for almost 20 years, Konstantin, Misha and Alex decided to join their forces together in early 2011, backed up with each individual experience and knowledge of electronic music history, production and performance. They share their own “trianglized” vision with a wide audience of electronic music lovers and keep it as much live as possible in order to give to each individual show an unique, unrepeatable and original feeling…“Diez y Siete” is an outstanding epic Techno Track Paul discovered during a Set of Triangle Eyes Member Alex Tolstey at a club both played together in Istanbul. No doubt, it was time for another Boshke-Rootknox collaboration.