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001 rudeknox

002 spindrift

003 the dentex

004 sneep

005 touse

006 me

007 myself

008 live

009 album “me, myself and live”

010 the remixes

011 clamber

rootknox label info

The Rootknox label is the musical staging ground of Paul Brtschitsch, brought into life at the beginning of the year 2007.

Just like Brtschitsch, Rootknox stands for earthly music with a warm electronic sound. It’s all about bouncing grooves based in black funk music. All tracks are vividly coloured with subtlety, creativity and power. They tell the story of the elementary power of electronic music. These carpets of sound are characterised by the use of classic sequencers, drum machines and analogue outboard equipment. The label itself describes this excessive acoustic richness as “Natronic“1).

Honesty in music is the label’s philosophy. Rootknox strives to build up and maintain artistic value. In that respect, the graphics component holds an individual place within this frame of mind: all works are initially manually drawn. Digital effects are then added during the post-production phase. In this way, Rootknox 12“ releases work visually as well. Output together with well-known DJs from Paul’s circle of friends is in the works.

Natronic defines an enrichment to the arctic minimalistic mind