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Rootknox Artists

paul brcic

Not only is Paul Brtschitsch a producer, he is also a rare example of a live German Techno act who plays his shows exclusively with hardware. Inspired by his background at the legendary Omen club during Techno’s formative years in Germany as well as the classic sounds of Detroit, Brtschitsch has developed his own narrative style over the course of 20 years, accessing a rich sonic pool that is anything but limited to what is contemporary.

mariano dc

Hailing from Argentina where his name is synonymous with quality and showmanship, introducing a stalwart such as Mariano DC is not a straightforward as one might think. The Argentinian DJ is at the top of the Techno scene in Buenos Aires & various other parts of South America since 1994. One must understand that besides constantly beeing at the forefront of Techno and playing alongside the very best in the field, he has reached a certain top status whilst always remaining true to the Underground, in the very sense of the meaning! He has played every legendary venue in Argentinia & Chile so far.

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mr rod

Mr.Rod is into electronic Music since the end of the 80ìes, when he used to go out into Clubs like Dorian Gray, Music Hall and Vogue (which became the legendary Omen) located in the Frankfurt/Main-Area. Soon he started creating his own tunes mostly based on 303 sequences by building up a midi-studio with his friends Dr. Nick & J in the early 90ies.

After releasing some four to the floor “12”s on several labels based in the “Taunus-Area”, the project decided to get the focus more on their second love: Ambient Music. Therefore Phonosynthese was founded in 1995. Until today, Lebenstrom and Waldall are still two beautiful and timeless Ambient Longplayer released on Frankfurts Chill Out icon Elektrolux.

These days Mr.Rod is back on the Dancefloor as he is responsible for the resident Sound in Darmstadt´s Level 6 Club, where he plays support for acts like Anja Schneider, Reboot, Tiefschwarz… Together with Paul Brtschitsch and the vocalist Malte he founded Britschmalro. Their debut “12” “Grow” released on Resopal including Remixes by Jackmate and Marek Hemann became big support from the “global players.” Mr.Rod is part of the Rootknox family and showing his “hyperactive” creativity while he is Dj, Producer, Artist and responsible for almost every video made for Paul´s releases on Rootknox ever since. His DJ Sets are showing the variety electronic music could have these days, so you never will get beeing bored as a dancer, meanwhile Mr Rod is behind the decks!